Why Our Approach Is Different

Autoimmune is a complex condition that requires more than just medication to achieve resolution. Yes, medication may be required to stop the progression of the disease but it should never be the only solution. There is so much you can do to help your body overcome this condition, and we’re here to help guide you through this journey.   

The first step is to identify the trigger(s) such as past or current infection, hormonal imbalance, compromised or poor gut health and increased chemical load. 

Once we’ve identified the trigger(s) we work to remove them and minimize the impact they have on the body.  

Finally, we move into the rebuilding phase, supporting and balancing each body system to prevent future flares.    

Our strategic plan provides you with actionable steps to support your health from every angle.   

This is your journey we are here to support and guide you along the way.

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The Foundations Of Autoimmune

After working with thousands of autoimmune clients we’ve noticed that certain clients would get better and notice improvements faster. We looked closely at the difference and we identified 5 key components that we now call The Foundations:  

1. Foundational Nutritional Plan that optimized their digestion and balances their Microbiome 

2. Managed Stress Levels (physically not just mentally) and the stressors that impact everyday living. 

3. Sleeping like babies!  

4. A Mindset ready to heal.  

5. Support, Guidance and Accountability.

This provided the solid foundations for us to get into the more advanced medicine quicker with a solid foundation and provided faster and sustainable outcomes with managing their autoimmune condition.


Our Goal



Our first goal is always to improve your quality of life while moving towards remission. The reality is for some, remission isn’t always possible. However, a majority of our clients have noticed improvements in their symptoms and conditions early on in their plan, such as a reduction in brain fog, less pain or stiffness or improved energy. Others notice that they require less medication to function or medication side effects are more manageable.

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