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Medication is part of the solution but it’s not the only solution.

Learn The Whole Body Functional Approach to Autoimmune

We Believe…

there is so much more you can do to achieve remission and good health with autoimmune.   

We believe that medication is helpful but is only part of the whole solution.    

We believe when you identify WHY the immune system is overreacting we can work to calm it.   

We believe together with conventional medicine we can help you achieve amazing health.   

We believe when we work with your body and give it a chance to heal, amazing things can happen.   

We believe when you have a team behind you, you can achieve incredible results.

We believe it because we see it every day, with people just like you.

Our Approach 

Autoimmune is a complex condition that requires more than just medication to solve. Yes, medication may be required to stop the progression of the disease but it should never be the only solution. There is so much you can do to help your body overcome this condition, and we’re here to help guide you through this journey.

We Are We? 

Learn more about me, Dr. Alison Danby, ND, and the team behind The Autoimmune Integrative Clinic and how we can help you with cope with your Autoimmune.

How To Get Started With 1:1 Care

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Get started by booking your first visit with us. You will receive your welcome package with information to complete before your personal assessment.

Personal Assessment

Your personal health assessment will be completed online and will provide your Naturopathic Doctor with the details they need to get a jump start on your care.

The First Visit

We are 100% virtual, All our appointments are done by video call or phone. WHY? 100% Asscessabilty.  

Your first visit will provide a full health checkup along with an understanding of your core concerns to provide you with the best plan to better health.

Did you know we have an Educational Hub called the Autoimmune Academy?

Education has the power to help you understand your health which allows you to become a better advocate for your needs, and make smarter informed choices. Our evidence-based insights empower you to navigate autoimmune complexities confidently. Access a wealth of tailored resources to support your journey. Embrace knowledge, take control, and prioritize your health.

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